jueves, 9 de junio de 2016

end of the academic year

The term is almost finished..
We come at the end of another stage, for some more oppressive and for others another, but the moment to look back it's coming.

We have crossed almost 9 months that at first we were thinking that they would never end.
                                    ...Exams , works, homework... 

We leave aside the things that we really like because of our obligations.

I wait that all the effort and determination that you had put in every exam, work etc, have an good result.
I hope everything will be all right, and if it's not, you shouldn't give up, continue forward, the result is near......

"el momento que tu decidas hacer algo es el momento en el que se va a hacer realidad"

All the stones that have existed this year, will be dissapeared the next year.

The moment to enjoy comes and to amuse itself. It is time for everything in this life , or  not?

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