viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016


It's time to look back ......... All days that I have Physical Education, I wrote in my diary and now it's time to upload . Hope that you like it

 13th of January: My first day of Crossfit in my life.!!!! I'm so exciting . :-)
We have to do a WOD called HIIT. (50 seconds of training and 10 of rest during 12 minutes).
Here the first exercises than we have done.

 I had a lot of aches ;-( . It's time to inure to training (acostumbrarse a entrenar)

 15th of January: Second session. We starte with a new WOD called TABATA. We have to do each exercise 20 seconds and then rest 10 seconds. We have to do 6 rounds that means 12 minutes of training.


20th of January:

Today it's time to help our partners and to do things to improve together.

My partner and I have took 21'56 minutes to complete the WOD

Because fo the rain we have to go to the pavilion...


27th of January:

AMRAP means As Many Repetitions As Possible, As you can see in the picture we have to do 30 hip bridge, 15 partner row, 30 single rope jump and 15 box jump. I have done 4 rounds !!!

29th of January:
Teacher has to leave the school with her students, but we can do it wothout help. Of course with you and your motivation it's easier.
This WOD is a EMOM 18 minutes. We have to do all the 15(*) repetitions and wait until the minute ends before starting the next round. (*) !5 repetitions = 5 triceps dips, 5 broad jumps and 5 sit-ups

I think that is has been nice to be alone because it helps us to concentrate and to organise the time. In addition we have to do this as a routine and not only in classes of P.E.

3rd of February:

Descendent ladder: Dead lift, back squat, hip thrusht and shoulder fress. let's gooo!
I have finished all the training.

10th of February: 
 Time to designed our own part of the WOD (EMOM 15 minutes) . We have done 17 rope jumps, 10 planks and 5 sumo squats.

12th of Frebuary:
We have to do 5 rounds of 10 heavy ball, 10 jumps, 10 modified squats and 10 modified burpees. It take me 9 minutes and 43 seconds

17th of February:

We have to do 10 plank, 10 push ups, 10 hip bridge (single leg), 10 back lunges and in partners one lie down climbing rope and the other frozen squat. I have done 5 rounds

24th of February:
WOD is  HIIT 12' (50''W+10''R) with 6 exercises: Run/Jump rope + Whole body + Run/Jump rope + Middle body + Run/Jump rope + Middle up Run+ burpees+ run+ squats+ run+ sit ups.. My body wants movement!!!!!!

2nd of March: 
16 minutes. 1trx/ ropes, 2 isometrical exercise or wall exercise, 3 kettleballs/ heavy ball and 4 wheels/mats/chalk
I choose, ripes, plank(iso) and heavy ball because we don't have time to do the last one.

the end is neaar........

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