viernes, 4 de marzo de 2016


So, here is the change! It's not to much but I perceive the change. When it started I can't move the day after the training... I had aches in all my body. I knew that them goes out with more and more sport so in the classes I was doing all types of exercises despite the pain.
In february, more less, my body needs movement and order me to move. I started to go out, run, do sport, do zumba... but, sadly, when my exams started I have to left them ... Obviously I will start again.
My aches never appear since the first day and this is really good!!!!!!!

I lose 1'200 kg and this is fat mass but my challenge it's to be in shape, so...... (*)
 I started to learn how to eat: quantity, types of food.... The nutrition walks were very interesting and I'm not going to eat food that is bad for my body and for my health like bad fat, too many eggs, fast food.... (*)

(*) (*) This is not the end, its only the beginning!!!!!!!!!!

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