viernes, 29 de abril de 2016


As you can see, everyday be extra calories. I will explain why.
I'm not a person that eat so much, but the little that I eat, the mayority is fat.
I'm not used to eat vegetables, I don't like it, but nowadays I'm more realist than in my childhood and I think that it's something basic in the routine.

Looking the first chart, we can observe that the amount of fat and carbohydrates are always bigger than the proteins.
I think that the fat it's neccesary as the other macronutrients but in a control way.
The days that the amount of fat was bigger than the amount of carbohydrates, these days, the fat was what I ate in the snack like candies or something of chocolate

Macronutrients: 40% carbohydrates 30% proteins 30% fat
 Only two days of eight the carbohydrates overtakes the percentage, while the rest of the days only overtakes the fat.

Looking the second chart, we realised that the breakfast is the mainly food and the most important but when I have to go to school, I don't want to get up because of sleep and I only drink milk.
Perhaps, the days that I eat snacks and food like this, the "aperitif" has the higgest percentage.

In conclussion, this app shows me that I'm not doing really well, or just I'm doing bad because I have to eat other type of food and in other quantity

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