domingo, 15 de mayo de 2016

TRIP TO BAENA ! ( first snack)

I woke up earlier than the normal days to prepare healthy sandwiches for the students that were going to stay with us. 

First, the trip started with a talk about feelings and a video that moved my feelings was 

We grow up saying : i can't, i can't and I will never can

                                                                   ...... and this is not true 

Then, we continued with activities inside the pavilion because of the rain.
We divided into differents groups and we played for 2 hours. 
Thanks students of Teco and TSAFAAD because I think that organise this was not so easy and you do it very well


Two sandwiches. (both of whole wheat bread )
First of  tuna, lettuce, tomatoe, breast of turkey and egg
Second of pear cheese and breast of turkey

At first, we think that no one was going to eat them but, in the blink of an eye they dissapeared. We found some monitors and students with the sandwiches and they felt happy! 


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